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  • HoMenMen was founded in Aleppo, on 21 January 1921 by the members of «Ararad» football league from Ainteb and Henchagian party’s youth association. The initials stand for Hi Marmnamarzagan Mioutioun, which means Armenian Sporting Associaion.
  • On 1922, HoMenMen Dalvorig association was established in Damascus. After that, HoMenMen branches were established in Jarablous, Arab Pounar and Afrin.
  • In the same year, the first activity of HoMenMen Dalvorig union’s newly formed administration was to gather self-established, distributed communal leagues’ best players and form HoMenMen Dalvorig first football representative league.
  • In 1925, after Aleppo and Damascus chapters were established, logically it was expected that the movement will reach to Lebanon, where Armenian spirited young men , established the Lebanese chapter along with a football league. After capital Beirut, the movement reached Jonieh, Zahle and Tripoli.
  • In 1936, HoMenMen was the first union in Daoudieh, Syria, who had active sportive and educational activities, along with a club, field, 7-8 sporting teams in various sports such as football and basket ball, with Armenian names. It’s memorable that the football and basket ball leagues of man and woman were first-rated national leagyes in their country.
  • 1938 – 39 idealists and devoted followers of Social Democratic Henchagian party established the Nahr suburb branch of HoMenMen. On 1955 this branch had its own state licence as detached association and renamed itself as HoMenMen Massis.
  • In 1940’s, following the steps of Beirut and other regions henchagian party’s adherents, in Zahle too the idealists and party’s followers established HoMenMen Zahle chapter. HoMenMen Zahle chapter later on had its own sport teams of football, volleyball and ping-pong. At those dates also, HoMenMen had Universatary Association, who published its own organ named «Gaidz»
  • In 1940, for the first time ever, Teghtsanig Hinayigian founded HoMenMen Maiden’s Movement in Zahle. A little time later, the other branches followed her example.
  • In 1942, with a significant initiative and historical meaning, HoMenMen created its first Central Administration, with Armen Gharib as chairman.
  • In 1943 the Nahr suburb branch of HoMenMen, known as HoMenMen Massis, formed its first football team.
  • In Jounieh too, after its chapter was established, they formed a football team.
  • In 1945, HoMenMen Central Administration organized a choir, under the direction of maestro Onnig Assadourian. The choir which was named “Koghtan”, sujjested by Arsen Gidour, had 100 singers and 45 band players.
  • In 1945 HoMenMen Beirut 1st category football league became not only the champion of Lebanon, but the champion of the leagues.
  • In 1945 HoMenMen Beirut premiere league football team became the champion of Lebanon. Also in 1954, 1957 and 1961 HoMenMen was the champion of Lebanese Premier League and the barrier if lebanese elit cup in 1999.
  • In 25 August 1945, there was a celebration for HoMenMen 25th anniversary in Zahle, where HoMenMen “Koghtan” choir, with its more than 100 members and under the direction of maestro Onnig Assadourian, performed on ROXI theatre stage in Zahle.
  • In 26 December 1946, on its last stage appearance, “Koghtan” choir gave its farewell performance. In was reborn in 1958, by the name “Alemshah”, under the direction of union’s member Arshag Kalayjian.
  • In 20 November 1948, Beirut region’s new club was opened with a memorable ceremony.
  • In 1948, HoMenMen was active in Palestine and worked under the name Armenian Youth Association, who continued its activities until the Palestine War.
  • In 29 July 1949, HoMenMen theatre playteam, leaded by Arsen Jerejian, gave its first stage performance on ROXI theatre stage in Zahle, where they performed “Namous” drama by author Shirvanzade.
  • In 1977, HoMenMen established its chapter in Kuwait.
  • In 1984, HoMenMen established its chapter in London.
  • In 1986, HoMenMen established its chapter in Paris, named after its greatest football player, Mardig Chaparian.
  • In 1992, HoMenMen at last established its dream chapter in its native country Armenia, with its own state licence.
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